Growing from Solopreneur to Bosspreneur can be challenging especially for founders who want to break away from the traditional patriarchal business culture and lead a team the way only a woman can. Be Bossiher is here to support you throughout the entire process.


Comprehensive HR Standard Operation Procedures

As companies grow, the responsibilities of the human resources department expand. Many outsourced duties are brought in house, and more initiatives to manage employees get added to the HR function. For small businesses that haven’t grown to a point they need a multi-person HR department, using standard HR procedures that cover employee management basics will help you cover your needs and keep you within the law.

Business Audit

As a new employer, the way to know if your business practices and functions measure up to human resources standards is through our business audit or operational review. Conducting a business audit, or operational review, as we like to call it, is the first step in discovering where your company is at risk and exactly how to fix it before it is too late.
Our comprehensive, confidential audit of all your business practices, procedures and policies will show you the areas you are strong and weak so that you can make your  human resources function compliant and efficient.

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Succession Planning

Our Strategic Succession Planning Service helps your business to identify critical functions, essential executive positions and potential gaps while providing the company with career path maps. Succession planning is the act of managing key personnel transitions for maximum continuity of operations, retention of “institutional knowledge,” and minimum disruption. In this case, when transitioning from your company’s only employee to hiring a team to support you, it is important to outline roles and create positions that allow you to become the leader and CEO and propel your company forward while knowing that your business is still productive.
When we help you to develop a succession plan, we identify internal functions with the potential to be filled by leadership positions so you can hire them as your business grows. This makes for a smoother transition when leadership change happens in your business.

Government Contract Pre-Planning

Many Solopreneurs manage have been relatively successful because of a great product or an extremely hungry market. But in today’s cut-throat business world, as you make the decision to go after new contracts, do so with confidence that you can take on more business without a glitch. In order for your business to survive beyond this point and seamlessly transition to an elevated phase, you must implement strategic planning. We will provide expertise to help you accomplish the goals of your company. We will help you with the following areas of your business:
• Strategic HR planning
• Organizational Analysis
• Performance Improvement Services
• Long-Term Strategic Planning
• Process Improvement

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Benefits procurement and enrollment
401k set-up