Be Bossiher knows that although excellence in leadership is clearly not gender-specific, women typically bring different experiences, perspectives, competencies and values to the Employer role than men thereby requiring different approaches to leadership development.

Our goal is to ensure that the fast-growing pipeline of talented women founders and CEO roles is appropriately recognized and positioned for success by improving their leadership skills and ultimately their effectiveness. Be Bossiher has the ability and desire to help women leaders maximize their unique talents and strengths to benefit the organizations they have built.

Be Bossiher exists to support women owned businesses by strengthening its leadership, structure, and culture.


To cultivate essential leadership qualities for women entrepreneurs. We do this through our leadership development training and one on one coaching.


To improve infrastructure of women owned businesses by curating human resources strategies and putting systems in place specific to individual client needs as well as the collective women employers community. We do this through our business audit service, industry benefits sharing and employment pipelines.


To create an alternative to current corporate culture in which there is equity in women’s compensation and family centric values built into women owned business brands. By scripting essential HR Documents (employee handbooks and company policies) that are in alignment with our client’s company brand, government compliance, and family life balance.

“With 15 years of human resources experience and strategic business development, I understand that learning to let other qualified individuals fulfill pertinent functions of your business – so that you, as the CEO, can pilot from the front  is no easy task but it is necessary if you want your business to reach the next phase of growth. Now is the time to expand into your next level and Be Bossiher!”



Women founders experience unique barriers to success,and women-specific leadership development programs are often needed to help them overcome these barriers. We’ve designed training to help women understand themselves as leaders, overcome barriers to team growth and development, and align their personal values with their company brand. This program leverages a group mentoring model and result in individualized development plans for each participant.

Topics include:
Team Management Skills
Importance of Delegation
Developing Your Team
Motivating Your Team
Leadership Styles
Effective Communication
Managing Discipline
Creating Company Culture


This program is an individualized, confidential management and leadership development process. It strengthens an entrepreneur’s ability to lead and manage in changing economic environments. This comprehensive program includes extensive assessment of current management style, and the creation of a personalized development program supported by long-term coaching. Clients will also receive:

  • Pre-coaching clarification and collaboration to set agenda and goals
  • Data gathering via interviews and other psychometric assessments
  • Feedback and action planning to create an individualized development plan
  • Focused one-one-one coaching that is real-time and specific to the problems the new employer is currently facing in her organization
  • On-demand, unlimited phone consultation
  • Evaluation of results with a follow-up 360 assessment